September 2012

Arkedo Series - 03 PIXEL!

TI-83 gaming on the Xbox

I loved my TI-83 calculator in high school. It was required for people taking high math classes. It made math easier but hell, no one but the dorkiest of dorks had their calculator for just math. Everyone’s calculator was filled with games. I recall having Drug Wars, Super Mario Bros. and Tetris on mine. But as I finally did enough math courses to never take math again (ugh), I put my calculator away, then gave it away to a family member that needed it. I mean, the things were expensive (and still are)!

So it is very neat to see a game do sort of a throw back and or shout out to us math geeks. Arkedo Series – 03 PIXEL looks like a game found on a TI-83 with some rather lush backgrounds tossed in. The art style is cute but so is the plot. You are Pixel the Cat who is out just having fun in this dangerous plat former world.  In this world, Pixel encounters armed ducks, evil cherries, and tree trucks. Why is all plant life (and apparently tree trunks) out to get Pixel? No one knows. 

Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job! gets personal with Prof. Genki

Video clip reveals Prof. Genki's back story

Ah, Prof. Genki. We meet again. Yes, I am aware that this game has been out forever, is very much over the top and is so in your face that you just can’t get mad at it yet even a year later the gem still amuses me. I recall doing the game’s missions and once in a while seeing the random symbol for a side quest. I even saw you, the man in a giant cat costume, and successfully mowed you down with a car.

But I was not aware that you had a back story of sorts. Seems the guy in a cat suit was actually a man-cat creature. Ages ago, late night show Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job! had filled in the gaps to this loveable homicidal man-cat’s story and how his show came to be. 

Saints Row: The Third - Tim & Eric & Genki FULL (OFFICIAL)

Indie game: Kaiten Patissier

A fun game that transcends the language barrier.

Remember those old school SNES games? Where art was done in pixels by hand, plat forming was the norm and music was in chip tune (and/or midi) style? Well take that, add in a dash of expect Japanese cuteness and a formula that doesn’t need you to even read anything to understand it (think import Dance Dance Revolution before it was Americanized) and you have this game.


Kaiten Patissier: 6:56:33