July 2012

Rock, Paper, Lasers

You’ve played this game. Everyone with fingers has. It is so simple too; you count to three with your hand bunched up in a fist. You shake it out waiting until the last moment just to bust out with rock, paper or scissors. Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock. That's all you needed to know. Sometimes you’ll twitch a little and sort of change that paper to a rock. C’mon we’ve all fibbed and cheated in those games. 


Rock Paper Lazers Xbox 360 Indie Game

Sushi Castle

Have you ever played those near claustrophobic one-room, fight-it-out style games before? Remember the dungeons in the Og on the NES Zelda games (sans 2)? Or hell, have you played a game called The Binding of Isaac? Well then this twin stick shooter, Sushi Castle (made by developer Milkstone Studios) will be right up your alley. Full of short range weapons, crazy power-ups and running around rooms filled with dangerous enemies and traps, you will find yourself running and dodging through this ninja-themed romp.


Sushi Castle Debut Trailer


The Houchi Play

Oh Japan, I’ve seen many things from you. Games that involved poking hands up people’s behinds, flying around shooting things on a mainframe computer with trance blaring and a vibrator controller at your side, shooting chickens in sewers – oh and don’t get me started on all the fetish based games. You, Japan are like fetish central. I get this feeling you have this cabal of people in a room that brainstorms and comes up with new and wild things that the world can eat up and err ‘enjoy’ every year.

Heck Xbox Live has fetish games already available for purchase called dating sims. Watered down and made tasteful but in the end, the games are dating sims. But one company was clearly tired of simply doing the dating sim (or let’s post picks of scantily clad ladies to answer inane questions to in order to ‘date’ them) and decided to make things more interesting.