March 2012

Indie Game -ROTOR

Have you always had an overwhelming desire for remote controlled planes? Did growing up during the 80s-90s leave you wanting a plane from the million infomercials that aired repeatedly all the time so much that you begged your parents to buy you one right then and there? No? Me neither! And even if I did want a tiny copter to fly to my delight, I doubt this game is it.

ROTOR is a game set in some Mirror’s Edge looking universe where the colors are all flat and you wield this little copter doing objective based missions in said city. The premise sounds fun, and you can even customize the colors of the city to your liking. There are even three different types of challenges: Accuracy, Waypoint, and Orb Collect (ie. don’t get lost, hit a bunch of checkpoints and collect orbs).

Indie Game - Cute Things Dying Violently!

You love puzzle games right? Have you gotten burned out on the cuteness that is Angry Birds? Does the game Happy Wheels make you cackle in evil glee? Then here is a game that combines the best parts of both of these games called ‘Cute Things Dying Violently’.

Yes it is what is says on the tin. Cute things, round armless wandering lemmings are milling about trying to get into an elevator. You, the hand of fate is trying to help them into that elevator safely and securely. But then those huggable love triangles (or deadly spikes), trap switches and buzz saws get in the way. The cute things are helpless and need your help.