February 2012

Indie Game- Zombie Crossing


For a game called Zombie Crossing, you would expect street signs in blaring yellow everywhere pointing out that yes, indeed this area has zombies. So many zombies in fact, that the need for caution signs was gravely needed for the few survivors that would encounter said signs. Unfortunately, the artistry of said signs will never be seen as most of the action takes place atop the tall buildings above the zombie infested streets.

Nyan Cat Adventure


Well, remember that meme with the silly creature that was part cat, part poptart, all rainbow farting? Well someone in their right mind decided to make said meme into a game. In honesty, I didn’t know what to say. The titular cat-poptart creature and the iconic music is there…and then more. You of course would think ‘this is just like Techno Kitten Adventure’, I have that, would I want to spend 240 Microsoft points for a knock off?

Trailer Park King


Trailer Park King. Just the title alone makes you at first hesitate. You aren’t sure if it’s so bad it’s good, or so bad it’s simply bad (and insulting). This point and click game has you, a gaming, bootlegging, trailer park player hopping to score big and become the ‘ruler’ of his respective trailer park (despite most people knowing a trailer park is not a fiefdom).