January 2012

Indie Game of the Week – Aban Hawkins and the 1000 Spikes


Take 1 part Indiana Jones, 1 part sprite based game, a dash of puzzle game, keep it all 2D, and add in 1000 lives to start with. Cool right. That is until you realize how ridiculously hard this game is. It is, like in the vein of ‘I Wanna Be the Guy’ a frustration game - in that is it is designed to be super frustrating. Everything can and will one hit kill you, and many of the traps can easily whittle down your starting 1000 lives.

Indie Game of the Week – Avatar Paintball

Ever wanted to try a Paintball style game but never had the cash or time to do the real thing? Hate the sensation of getting hit in the face, going home with welts or having clothing stained with paint? Then try this new game called well Avatar Paintball. It's basically what it says on the box – a small contained battle field where you can run around shooting everything that moves! Better yet, for barely any Xbox points!


BioShock Infinite's Hardcore Mode

Fan-advised settings to be included in sequel

The two games in the BioShock series so far have had the sort of gameplay that rewards players from all over the skill spectrum. Beginning shooters could take comfort in respawn chambers that lessened the penalty of dying, while experienced gamers could turn the chambers off and crank the difficulty all the way up to secure achievements and a killer sense of personal satisfaction. BioShock and its sequel may have been fairly straightforward FPS games, but the adjustability of their challenge factor meant that they had great replayability. And now it seems like the developers of the third volume are going to up the ante even further, introducing a new 1999 Mode meant to reward those players in need of vintage-style difficulty. 

Chinese Workers At Xbox 360 Plant Threaten Mass Suicide

Negotiation Strategy? 300 Chinese workers threatened to commit mass suicide for better pay.

As we look at various workers rights issues around the U.S., it’s easy to feel that the middle class is being squeezed by both employers in the private sector and government taxation in the public. Workers may sue for compensation, go to their respective unions, or even strike and refuse to be productive. However, sometimes we’re also reminded that not everywhere in the world provides the same relatively safe and institutionalized means for peaceful resistance. One such story comes out of China, where according to the subversive China Jasmine Revolution (via Want China Times), 300 workers at a manufacturing plant in China that makes Xbox 360’s threatened to commit mass suicide if their demands for compensation were not met.

Indie Game of the Week = Wizorb

Have a love for Breakout, or Arkanoid style games? You know, those games where you have a paddle at the screen bottom, a ball and you have to bounce it from off your paddle breaking a set number of blocks per level? Well this game completely twists that into a whole new direction:




Instead of just hitting a wall you could be hitting chests for gems. Or a crate for keys. Or a door for entry. Or trying to defeat a boss blocking your way out. Wizorb is an intentionally retro styled game – from the music to the graphics to the old school Arkaniod feel, this indie game takes that and injects crack into the tried and true block breaking formula. It's like Legend of Zelda and Breakout had a love child and this was the glorious result.