September 2011

Xbox Live Gamers Banned for Modding Having Not Modded

Xbox Live games were accidentally banned because of a "software error" for modding consoles. Xbox welcomes them back with presents.

Look, everyone that isn't you is cheating on Xbox Live. It's a fact. Gamers on the other team are using everything from modded consoles to modem trigger switches to friggin' magic to achieve the headshots and frag tosses that they seem to be handing you like they're Pez. We all know it. What's more, we scream it through the little fuzzy mic in front of our face as our bloodshot eyes bulge at the screen, our character's death scene playing out in rose-colored hi-def. That may have been what Xbox Live's enforcer-maximus had been thinking when they inadvertently banned some Xbox Live players for allegedly modding their consoles. The problem was, they hadn't done anything wrong. Now Microsoft is wooing these wrongly accused back to virtual 360 gaming with free months of Live Gold, and 1600 Microsoft points. Hell yeah.

Addicted to Gaming? Maybe He’ll Be a Medical Hero

A lot of parents worry about their kids’ addictions to video games. On the one hand, I have to roll my eyes, since the parents bought the games in the first place. And I know it can be a problem; I see kids with their own electronic games sitting at the doctor’s office or waiting for taekwondo class who are my five-year-old’s age or younger, and they don’t listen to the world around them, and many of them may have never even touched a stick or a bug in their lives. When you’re attached to a game controller all day, I don’t think it could be very healthy—just as being attached to a laptop every day isn’t healthy if you’re a writer.