August 2011

EA and Activision: Trash-talking Gets Personal

It's gone beyond Battlefield and Call of Duty as Activision's Eric Hirshberg and EA's Jeff Brown get in a public war of words.

     It's been building since early

last year; the heat of a rivalry between one established dynasty of a shooter franchise in Call of Duty, and the upstart shooter that took everyone (including its developer, DICE) by surprise in Battlefield Bad Company 2. Since then at every gaming convention and all across the blogosphere gamers have been rallying to one flag or the other. Even at the latest E3 convention, the Activision and EA booths had to be separated (by walls) because the previous year the booths had been turning up the volume on their media to the point where it was impossible to hear anything in their vicinity. Even so, Activision and EA execs have finally taken to the rivalry as well, and the trash-talking (though somewhat hyped in media coverage) has been barbed.

A Woman Fights Through Labor To See Skyrim Demo

Yes, Skyrim is that cool.


Every once in a long while and you hear about one of those nerdy couples that are just so incredibly cute that it's hard to judge. In fact, this particular couple's commitment to their brand of nerdery, fantasy gaming, is pretty endearing. As reported in Game Informer, Chaz and Stevi were engaged at QuakeCon 2010 last year when Chaz got up on stage at the end of the show and proposed. They had planned to get married at this year's QuakeCon, but a Frost Dragon intervened (at least that's how the father describes it).

Free-to-Play Games Likely Coming to Xbox Live

Rumors abound that Free-to-Play gaming model will come to Xbox Live for the Xbox 360.


The business model for gaming consoles has been a fairly straightforward one for a long time. Buy a game, stick it in the console, play, repeat. However, as games and gaming hardware get more sophisticated, they also get more expensive. One of the ways in which PC's have dealt with this problem in the past is by creating a Free-to-Play (F2P) micro-transactional sales model. Of course, this is a necessity for gaming PC's that run no cheaper than $800 to $1,000 dollars with PC games that are just as expensive as console games at around $60 a pop. However, consoles have been inching up in the last generation ($200 to $400) and are now looking to expand their markets to individuals that will respond to a F2P option.