June 2011

Rockstar Game's L.A. Noire

...and the quest for authentic social interaction in the virtual world.


LA Noire might be one of the first games to attempt to create a non-verbal, human-like interaction between the player and in-game NPC's. Developed by Rockstar Games, and released May 17th to strong sales and high critical acclaim, LA Noire recreates a vast swath of 1940's Los Angeles using the Grand Theft Auto franchise's engine. As its name implies, the tone and ambience of the game attempts to translate the "noir" genre to video-games by invoking a dark, seedy city in which bad guys a "crooks" and "coppers" beat the streets, roughing up witnesses, examinging crime scenes, and solving murders. If you were a fan of the film, LA Confidential, chances are you'll enjoy this game.

Best of E3

The best upcoming titles from one of the country's largest tradeshows.


Every year a gamer-geek's ultimate tradeshow and convention goes down in LA, called E3. E3 is a blending of new gamer titles, new industry tech, pleather-clad bikini babes, and tens of thousands of industry headliners and fanatical gamer fans. This years' E3 Convention was headlined by a major franchise battle of war-games that has been brewing for almost two years. Activision's Call of Duty franchise has made millions for the company, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, rumored to release on November 8th, of this year, is set up to be one of the biggest releases in the next year. The last Call of Duty, CoD: Black Ops set the record opening week at $360 million in sales the first day.

Bioware Continues to Perfect the Turn-based RPG

Dragon Age II


Bioware is well-known for its Mass Effect franchise; a sci-fi space odyssey RPG with the clean futurism of Star Trek (all the way down to the form-fitting spandex uniforms). In 2009, Bioware adapted the platform for Mass Effect to a ubiquitous RPG genre; the Middle-Earth inspired fantasy. Dragon Age: Origins was incredibly successful, even warranting nine DLC (downloadable content) releases. Now, in 2011 Bioware has released the highly anticipated sequal, Dragon Age II.