February 2010

Walkthrough for Alone in the Dark: Subway Station Sequence

I noticed that there aren't that many walkthroughs out there for Alone in the Dark. At least, there aren't many when you compare it to a game like Resident Evil 5. I bring this up because I had to look for a guide recently. I was stuck in one particular point in AitD (episode 7: Subway Station) and nothing was working. So I figured I would throw in some helpful tips for this particular bit. And yea, I'm past the Subway siege now. In fact I am hopping all around the Park looking for Evil Roots, aaah good times.

Common Problems with Subway Station

This is what happened to me. My health was horribly low and it would only take a few blows to finish me off. And, of course, this would end up as one of the scenes with 8 Humanz going right for you.