December 2009

Naruto and Lively Avatars

I won't be adding any news about XBLA releases. Rather, given that everyone is probably chilling out during the holidays and booting up their favorite game, let's check out the rumors for Xbox. 

First, there was news that the folks behind Xbox are all worked up about their latest idea – realistic avatars. That's right, now your little pictorial depictions can represent what you really look like. Apparently this is linked to the release of Natal. Am I the only one who is a bit errr about this idea? Do you really want your online friends to know what you look like? Alright, so they limit certain features for folks under 18 on their Xbox account but they are fine with young whippersnappers looking like themselves, or as close as they can to their real life selves, in their avatar picture?

Fun Games for the Holidays

I'm making a list of games to play this holiday season. I've made my way through a few games (I'm looking at you, Silent Hill:Homecoming) but there are many more that were half-finished. Or simply forgotten as the next new sparkly game made it to the market. So, I'm hoping that this list keeps me focused and helps me pinpoint what I want to finish. Or play for fun during holidays, whatever rocks your boat.