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Alien Jelly

I’ve played many quirky alien themed games out there. I’ve played many games with a move-the-block mechanic. But take say the games ‘Destroy All Humans’ and ‘Edge’, put them in a blender and shake the residue out and you get this game, Alien Jelly. On a yearly lunch trip, floating brains encased in jelly run into a snag that has them scattered around space. Rescue ships are deployed. But alas, the troubles that stand between the many alien jelly brain things and safety: crates, spikes, lasers and robots. Yes, robots. 

Alien Jelly DBP Entry 2011

To counter this, you (and four other players) can rotate the camera around and push things with their squishy brain encased within jelly avatars. The jelly-like beings can push crates and evade the bad things all in the name to get home in 40 increasingly difficult levels. The game even includes a map builder where you can then send it off to other friends to play with. The creative soundtrack adds to the quirky fun this game is. 
I mean, you are basically large cubes of jelly with a brainy prize inside. You roll, push things (and each other in coop), disable robots and look colorful doing so. The game makes it seem that not only can sentient jelly deal with their surroundings, but can clearly fight a robotic threat. I best hope they don’t make it back to their ships, from the cut scene in that YouTube video they clearly have military leadership.
This squishy puzzle game is available in the Xbox Live store for 80 Microsoft points.