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Resident Evil 5 Boss Guide (Chapter 2)


I have covered the Boss guide for Chapter 1 of Resident Evil 5 recently. Now it's time for hints and tricks for killing the bosses of Chapter 2. Folks in question? Chainsaw freak, Popokarimu and Ndesu (ugly ogre dude).

Chainsaw Guy (Chapter 2-1)

Firstly, there is the chainsaw guy. This is the first appearance of the chainsaw-wielding bad guy and it's not a welcome sight. This bit comes after the beach scenes and the majini confrontations inside the buildings. You know, when you do 'Assist Jump' for Sheva and she heads off to the opposite building. The chainsaw guy is at the end of this fight and can be found at the end of a flight of stairs.

I had a tough time with chainsaw guy. I saw that some folks recommended an 'attack and withdraw' tactic with him. So you are supposed to keep a distance, shoot at his head and slide back. Then you wait for him to approach you (and the explosive red barrels scattered throughout the area). Apparently you can kill him by shooting the barrels at the right moment and then pelting him with bullets.

I have no doubt that worked for a lot of folks. But unfortunately it did not work for me. Here's what worked (after being killed by Chainsaw Freak way too many times). When he breaks open the door and approaches you, shoot him in the head with your shotgun. Try and get in four-five shots in. He should be uncomfortably close now. Alright, turn and run back. This will be a bit tough as a majini mob will have closed upon you. Evade their grubby paws and head down the path you are on.

Turn around when you have placed enough distance between you and the first barrel on your path. And yes, you (or Sheva) must fend off majini attacks while you wait. As Chainsaw guy stands close to the first barrel, shoot it. Repeat strategy with next barrel. He should look pretty pathetic by now. It should actually take 2-3 barrels to finish him off if you got enough headshots in the beginning. To be fair, I also aimed for his head and got a few more shots in while I waited for him to reach the first barrel.

Popokarimu (Chapter 2-2)

In theory, this fight is a piece of cake. All you have to do is run around, avoid the giant bat-insect hybrid called Popokarimu and lure it towards proximity bombs. And then shoot it in the soft gooey tummy when it is stunned by the bombs. Easy, right? Not quite.

You can get this done and yes, it is relatively easy. But it is so much better if you can bribe a well-meaning friend to play co-op with you for this bit. Seriously, Sheva is useless. Using co-op, one of you can distract the huge bat monster while the other one explores the area, picks up the bombs and places them strategically. Now, carefully lure the creature towards the bombs and then wait for it to be hit. It will topple over, revealing an underbelly that is not as well armored as other parts of its body. Shoot this part. Repeat the bait and trap move followed by shooting the belly until it squeaks its last … squeak.

Ndesu (Chapter 2-3)

This is one of those quick-time events that I hate. True, they don't use them too much for attacking the boss itself but the evasive maneuvers rely heavily on them. Is an open fight too much to hope for?

Anyway, ranting aside, this will be one of the easier bosses in the game. At least easier than chainsaw dude who was actually a mini-boss. You will come across Ndesu, the horrible ogre boss, once you finish your grand little car chase scene. This fight is not much of a challenge and is so repetitive you want to scratch your eyes out. The trick is to keep shooting him with the machine gun turret until weird little parasite faces pop up on his torso. Aim and blast away at them. A bigger parasite will pop up from his back which you must shoot down. Keep repeating this little parasite-big parasite scenario until Ndesu keels over.