Minecraft in space.

Heard of Minecraft? I’d be very surprised if you haven’t by now. The exceedingly popular sand box game where you can craft to your heart’s content has captivated many a gamer. Realistic renderings of other universes and real life buildings showcase the amount of time and artistic skill a very dedicated Minecraft player can get up to.

But Minecraft and its many, many clones all have one thing in common: they all take place on normal land with generally medieval tools. Pick axes, shovels, swords, touches; things that you can see someone kind of figuring out while lost in a lush jungle or wooded area. 
But this clone I found is not a true clone.

XenoMiner Release Trailer

It is on its face Minecraft. But Minecraft lands you in a familiar and if generally non-assuming, forest-like land. XenoMiner goes one step further. It has you in a space craft; you and your crew crash land onto a new planet with you the lone survivor. But you have limited oxygen supply in your reserve tank. From the get-go, you are forced to not  just explore for exploring sake or to find shelter, but to allow yourself breathable air.
At your disposal are found alien techs; robotic-like builders that replace the standard pick and shovel. You also directly program them to do certain routines, allowing for the study creatures to build in your stead. The game itself has a spacey loner feel as space generally is seen as an empty place. You aren’t adventuring to adventure, or building to build – you are doing these things for survival. 
You can buy XenoMiner from Xbox Live for only 80 Microsoft points.