Wallace and Gromit and Wit's End

Wallace and Gromit and Wit's End

It's been a quite week for Xbox. Well, big things are happening but they are all either region specific or cater to niche markets. This week, more on Wallace and Gromit, Xbox Rewards and Natal.

More Wallace and Gromit Adventures

Guess what's out this week? It's the last three episodes of the Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures: The Last Resort, Muzzled! and The Bogey Man. Oh and each one is priced at 800 MS points. These quirky adventures of this duo will be a welcome addition for fans of the game but I am not sure if folks outside of the fan club will be eager to dish out the moolah. After all, much as the adventure game – or rather each episode- is fun in an old school mystery solver way, the price is a bit much. If you think about it, we would usually buy a PC game for $30-40. And the price will be lower if you nab if after the initial hoopla has died down.

Well, I'm not going to rain on anyone's parade. The episodes themselves provide hours of puzzle solving mingled with funny action bit. Whether it is running from vicious little snappers or helping the helpless, you'll have a blast playing as W&G as they save the day. Speaking of hefty prices by the way, Telltale Games has an interesting deal going on from November 4th to November 8th. Apparently you can order all episodes as a full PC game for around $20 (now that's what I'm talking about). This deal is part of the 20th anniversary celebration of W&G! That's definitely something diehard fans will want to look into.

Rewards and Scrappings

And so what else has been going on this week? Seems like the Xbox Live Rewards program has been launched. They are testing the waters, so to speak, before letting folks outside US try it out. The theory behind the Rewards is that by spending more (wait, was it money or time?) on Xbox Live as a Gold member, the more they will pat your back and say, here, we got something yummy for you. Read more about it at Play.tm. Somehow, 5% doesn't seem like a big deal … does it?

I don't know if this bit of news will upset anyone. Gamer Vision has found out that part 2 of the Xbox game, Kameo:Elements of Power, has been shelved. Apparently the developers behind the game is supposed to focus on spicing up Project Natal. Oookay!

The Guild: Wit's End

And The Guild adventures continue. On the one hand, it looks like the story is taking a similar turn - eveyrone breaks up and will possibly join together later on. But then this likeness to other seasons is not really noticeable because of two traits that are The Guild's strong points: the indepth characters and storytelling style. After all, the beauty of the show is the mishaps of the dysfunctional characters. We get to explore more of their background and personalities in each season and that's where we end up getting really engrossed in the show. Where this episode is concerned, I must say I didn't realize Vork was somewhat sensitive about certain topics. And oh, my favorite moment from the episode? "Actually you're my ride so ..."