Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job! gets personal with Prof. Genki

Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job! gets personal with Prof. Genki

Video clip reveals Prof. Genki's back story

Ah, Prof. Genki. We meet again. Yes, I am aware that this game has been out forever, is very much over the top and is so in your face that you just can’t get mad at it yet even a year later the gem still amuses me. I recall doing the game’s missions and once in a while seeing the random symbol for a side quest. I even saw you, the man in a giant cat costume, and successfully mowed you down with a car.

But I was not aware that you had a back story of sorts. Seems the guy in a cat suit was actually a man-cat creature. Ages ago, late night show Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job! had filled in the gaps to this loveable homicidal man-cat’s story and how his show came to be. 

Saints Row: The Third - Tim & Eric & Genki FULL (OFFICIAL)

I missed this hilariously deranged show clip mainly because I don’t watch TV often (gasp!) . I just don’t because I am too busy gaming. But a chance find on YouTube showed me that:
A. Prof. Genki has a cult of sorts, who are terrified yet happy to serve him in his game show.
B. Prof. Genki was once a normal (read: deranged) scientist with a cute (read: murderous) cat that decided to try a The Flyesque route to stay together forever
C. He became a giant mutant with an exposed brain with a thing for human brains.
D. He took over the world. 
E. And he now enjoys having hapless humans die for sport.
F. Why he talks in Engrish (not English...Engrish) is still a mystery...
But anyway, this clip shows how bizarre the character is and reaffirms how awesome he is. If you haven’t picked up this game (psst it’s on Xbox 360 too!) by now, you should cause it is that dang hilarious.