Indie Game- Zombie Crossing

Indie Game- Zombie Crossing


For a game called Zombie Crossing, you would expect street signs in blaring yellow everywhere pointing out that yes, indeed this area has zombies. So many zombies in fact, that the need for caution signs was gravely needed for the few survivors that would encounter said signs. Unfortunately, the artistry of said signs will never be seen as most of the action takes place atop the tall buildings above the zombie infested streets.

This is not a racing game either (as most games with Crossing in the title implies; or anything to do with Animal Crossing) but a tower defense game. That is you place strategic sniper on the rooftops of various tall building/towers/skyscrapers, preventing persons/troops/zombies from getting past a set path from their starting point to their end point.

It’s a rather simple game; prevent the zombies from going past all your buildings for as long as you can and you win. Over time you can even gain research upgrades and whatnot, but in the end it’s a simple horror themed tower defense game. The music is okay, generic rockish theme that is sorta muted for being a soundtrack to a game about fighting off the undead. Then again the undead are little more than a bunch of black with yellow outlined paper cut out figures so YMMV on the scary component.

Now, if you want more than simple troop placement, you may want to walk away. But if you are a BIG fan of tower defense type fair, then have at this indie title – it’s only 80 Xbox points.

To be fair – you can snipe in this game. That makes it slightly not so boring.