Indie Game - Dead Pixels

Indie Game - Dead Pixels

Are you jonesing for an old school mash up…with zombie killing actions? Then look no further than Dead Pixels. Take River City Ransom, insert zombies by the bucket loads, put on some cool grainy film effect and you have yourself a curious send up of the screen brawl crawler.


The game doesn’t just stop there. The levels themselves are randomly generated so each play time though has the scenery look different.  Now, if that grainy film effect bugs you, you can simply turn it off. But why? It adds to the B zombie film feel of it. The game also takes its cues from other B movie based games such as Resident Evil’s earlier limited ammo system. This makes it so your main character has to conserve and gage which weapon is best to use (if at all) in a situation.  And considering the zombie horde is constantly closing in, you best plan on choosing things on the fly!

Also this game allows for character customization. When I say customization, I mean that you can tune your character to have high weapon power, high hit points, or with faster movement speed. So every play through you can be Speedy McGee out running the zombie hordes. Or you can be a Brick House outlasting them. Or you can go all out slaughter house and destroy them utterly into a cloud of red paste. The customizability makes this game worth many a play through.


For 80 Microsoft Points, this zombie game isn’t that shabby.