More than just Portal 2D

I am normally an RPG geek. I tend to like games that aren’t but so liner, yet that give a decent story to mix things up a bit. But I also do like a random puzzle-style game. You know, something to tickle the large slab of meat between my ears. Portal comes to mind. Something fun, smart and with a story that intrigues to boot!

So yeah, I’m not averse to branching out of my comfort zone. But I found a sort of spiritual cousin to Portal – Gateways. 

Gateways Trailer (Sep 2012)

Gateways is both a puzzle game and a plat former. You are a scientist trapped in a large sprawling lab with only your wits and your trusty gateway gun. You gun has the power to make portals through walls, giving the game a 2D portal feel.
The ability to run and jump through portals to gain speed and land in new areas is something it also shares with Portal. But it expands on that, letting the gun create multiple portals causing the world to shrink and enlarge relative to your size, making multiple copies of you due to its capabilities to ‘go back in time’ so that you in effect are helping yourself, walk (or grapple) the surrounding walls and basically do physics defying stunts. 
And considering how absurdly large and challenging the lab you are in is, you will need every trick in the book to escape. You can purchase Gateways from Xbox Live for only 245 Microsoft points