City Tuesday

City Tuesday

A nod to real-life terrorism.

I tend to not gravitate toward games with too much realism. Real life is full of realism already: some good, some demoralizing bad. So many like myself turn to gaming to escape reality and find something positive in our day.

But some games bridge that in such a way that you are left having to figure the puzzle out, having to live it out because it is that engrossing. And best yet, it tackles such a topic with tact.

City Tuesday is a sort of part story, part simulation. It has you tasked with trying to find bombs hidden by terrorists through a sprawling city. You are tasked to find these bombs or pandemonium will break out and people will get hurt. 

City Tuesday Trailer #2

Mind you, you are gifted (or cursed) with reliving this five-minute stretch of time to figure out this puzzle. In this Groundhog Day-ish scenario you have only your wits and bystanders around you to glean info off of. Asking around and poking around every inch of this city will gain you clues as to finding these bombs.
This sort of parallels the attacks at the 2008 Olympics with the threat of placed around bombs through the host city. The feel of not knowing where the danger is yet being alerted to it. No knowing if that civilian is involved in it or not…it can be seen as an interesting nod to that event.
You can get City Tuesday from XBLiG for only 80 Microsoft Live bucks.