Breath of Death VII

Breath of Death VII

Available on Xbox LIVE for 80 points

I am an RPG junkie. I love the fun of going through lots of command lists, guessing which attack or heal is best for my party of 3-4 on screen participants, which gear, which position (some games make it so you can move players forward or back to mitigate damage) and the stories. Oh yeah, I love 'em. I love the newer fare with the fancy photographic beauty of now…to the ones of 8 bit glory. Oh yeah, original Final Fantasy, you were hours of fun. Crono Trigger you depressing yet immense game, you.

Nostalgia and the pleasure of losing myself with a quirky cast is just fun to me. But rpgs (or jrpgs, if you want to be technical about it) had its pratfalls.
Stock characters: the thief, the cleric, the warrior/prince, the ninja…class tropes that have been beaten into the ground. The big bad has taken over your kingdom, only to be maneuvered by a more sinister (and often demonic/alien/non-human) force bent on world destruction. The same sets of swords that get bigger and bigger. The stat grinding. Say what you will about rpgs and their fun. The same things that made rpgs are the same things that made them repetitive and not that innovative. Especially in the 8 bit days where there were more software limitations. 
But hark, a loving send up of all things, 8 bit rpg has shown itself. Breath of Death VII is a parody that is aware of all these things that made rpgs of yore (and some of current) bland. It mocks the ideas that they were known for and improves upon them. Jokes are everywhere in the game and it plays like a tuned up rpg for both new rpg fans and the vets amongst us. And the price for a good 6+ hours of play is rather cheap!

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This game is available on Xbox LIVE for 80 points (also is on Steam for you PC guys).